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Andrew Harper

Admissions Fellow


  • Admissions


Hometown: Barnhart, Missouri 

Where did you go to college? Loyola University New Orleans

What were you involved in when you were in college? Admissions Ambassadors, Natural History Club, Undergraduate Research, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

Best piece of college advice: Take breaks and trust your own methods of getting work done. Everyone has their own way of getting their work and assignments done so you can't let yourself be stressed out by what others do.

Favorite New Orleans festival: Jazz Fest. It's a classic New Orleans festival that always delivers.

Favorite weekend activity in New Orleans: Finding the small and unique parks all around New Orleans. They all have their own spin on nature and its great to just sit and read a book.

Favorite spot for a snowball: Sno-La on Carrollton. They put cheese cake in the middle of their snowballs but I am partial to the strawberry lemonade where they put cut up strawberries in the middle.

Favorite place on Loyola's campus: The high walkway between the Palm Court and the horseshoe. Its an odd place to study or relax but it has amazing views of campus and Audubon park.

New Orleans street that you always misspell: I always misspell Pontchartrain boulevard. It always takes several tries with google, especially since spell check is not helpful in this case.