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Alvaro Alcazar

Instructor of Latin American Studies


Ph.D, Louisiana State University

M.R.E., Loyola University New Orleans

M.A., Notre Dame Seminary


  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Languages and Cultures


Alvaro “Al” Alcazar serves as the local coordinator of the conflict resolution and resilience building programs of Loyola’s Twomey Center for Peace through Justice. He is an adjunct faculty in the Psychology, Religious Studies and Languages and Cultures Departments of Loyola University New Orleans and also teaches graduate courses in the Political Science Department and the International Project for Non-Profit Leadership at the University of New Orleans. Exiled in 1972 from his native land, the Philippines, during the Marcos dictatorship because of his community organizing work in the slums of Manila, Al received scholarship grants to continue his studies in the US. He earned a master’s degree in Theological Studies along with a certificate in Clinical Pastoral Counseling (1976, Notre Dame Seminary Graduate School of Theology), a master’s degree in Religious Education (1984, Loyola University), and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Curriculum and Instruction (2001, Louisiana State University) where his dissertation and research interests were in cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary, and inter-faith adventures in education and social transformation. In the LAS program, Dr. Alcazar teaches "Liberation Theology."

Classes Taught

  • Liberation Theology

Areas of Expertise

  • Cross-cultural, Multi-disciplinary
  • Inter-faith Adventures in Education and Social Transformation