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BAS pre-ABSN (Online)

Design your studies

BAS pre-Accelerated Bachelors of Science in Nursing (Online)

The pre-ABSN specialization is designed for students who are already on-track to enter the Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing (ABSN) program but are in need of additional courses and degree completion. Students in the pre-ABSN program will complete two sets of specialization courses, one set which requires off-site courses coordinated with the assistance of an advisor, and a second set of online courses completed as part of the Bachelors of Applied Science degree.


Bachelor of Applied Science (Online)

Create a degree tailored to your specific goals.

Our bachelor of applied science degree is a flexible online program that provides busy students the opportunity to design a course of study around their academic and professional goals. Take your ambition and passion and strive forward with a degree path as unique as you are.

To design your degree program, you would complete the core and foundational courses listed below and choose two of the specializations on the right to customize your degree. Click each specialization to learn more.

Accreditation and National Recognitions