Proud Haitian woman

  PhotoVoice's Mission

By Wadner Pierre

PhotoVoice is a grassroots photojournalist website dedicated to people.  Our Mission is to make the voice of voiceless heard, and the world seen. The founder, Wadner Pierre, is a Haitian photojournalist who dedicates his life to Social Justice in his beloved country, Haiti. PhotoVoice is also a legacy of Pierre's adoptive father, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste who passed away a year ago.  Fr. Jean-Juste fought for social justice and the respect of human rights in Haiti during his life.

PhotoVoice is a dedication to thousands of Haitians who died in the January 7.0 magnitude earthquakes in January 2010, hundreds killed or affected by the cholera disease killed, those who are struggling to rebuild their communities post-earthquake, and those who are courageously fighting the cholera disease on their own.

Photojournalism is People.  As long as our cameras are on, our pens, pencils, and computers can be used, the struggle to make the world a better place will continue and must be continued. We use our cameras specifically to send a social justice message to the world. Social change can take place in this world and it shall take place. We only need to stand, fight, and make it part of our everyday life.
 For the world should be what it was created for, people's voice should be heard in all corners of the world.  The world wants to see, know – work for social changes. This is PhotoVoice's mission and this is the journey that all photojournalist are on or should be on.

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© Wadner Pierre, Nov. 9, 2010