Katja Schaefer, Ph. D. (Mississippi State University, 2011)

Department of Physics
Loyola University New Orleans
6363 St. Charles Avenue
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New Orleans, LA 70118

    E-mail: schaefer@loyno.edu
    Tel/Fax : 504 865 3066/2453
    Office: 259, Monroe Hall

Statistical Physics is the science concerned with how small scale interactions among the building blocks of large systems influence the shape, design and behavior of macroscopic systems or phenomena. As such, its scope is vast and covers phenomena as complex as the folding of bio-polymers, the dynamics of granular materials, the formation of droplets in liquids, etc. One of the goals of statistical physics is to explore the similarities among different phenomena and to develop mathematical descriptions, which can describe those universal aspects.
The use of computer simulation is a powerful tool for working in statistical physics, and requires excellent programming skills. Students interested in working in statistical physics will learn the necessary basic skills of computer programming. As part of ongoing research projects, they will learn how to model large-scale systems at the microscopic level, and will be guided to observing and studying the dynamics exhibited by such systems under the change of external or internal conditions.