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Audiotapes & computer programs for self-teaching


Cassette tapes and CDs:

  • All-audio French, 6 cassettes, 6 hours.
  • French, Living Language CDs, 40 lessons on 3 CDs.
  • How to Pronounce French Correctly, 1 cassette tape.
  • Practice & Improve your French, 4 cassettes

-Computer programs:

Antidote, program to help writing in French.

Sysème-D, writing assistant software.


French in Action, 52 lessons on video, beginning French.


-Cassette tapes and CDs:

Italian, Living Language CDs, 40 lessons on 3 CDs.


-Cassette tapes and CDs:

Express Track to Russian, 4 cassettes and textbook.


­­-Cassette tapes and CDs:

All-audio Spanish, 6 cassettes, 6 hours.

How to Pronounce Spanish Correctly, 1 cassette tape.

Spanish, Language/30 program, 2 cassettes & phrase book.

-Computer programs:

A Story of Nations: Spain, history / geography software.


Spain, a Living Language video of phrases for travel.

VideoPasaporte Español, 60-minute video on communicating in Spanish.

Updated September 18, 2008