The Written Word

Several writers have written about Grand Isle and Chénière Caminada including Lafcadio
who unwittingly contributed to the decline of Grand Isle’s popularity with the
release of his story "
Chita: A Memory of Last Island", which many people misinterpreted
as being about Grand Isle.  It was actually about Lost Island, an Island that had been
destroyed in a hurricane much like the Chénière hurricane, but in 1856.

The most notable author associated with Grand Isle is
Kate Chopin with her major novel,
The Awakening, taking place there.  She also wrote a short story, "At Chénière
which took place on Grand Isle and The Chénière.  

Grace King also wrote a story entitled At Chénière Caminada.  Catherine Cole wrote
weekly articles for The Daily Picayune about Grand Isle.  Adolphe du Quesnay wrote Un
Ete a La Grand Isle (A Summer at Grand Isle.)

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