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John T. Sebastian, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medieval Literature
Deputy Director, University Honors Program
Chair, Medieval Studies Program

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324 Bobet Hall





Department of English
Loyola University New Orleans
Campus Box 50
6363 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70121

Office hours (Fall '08):

To be announced
(and always by appointment)


John T. Sebastian hails from Nutley, New Jersey. He earned his A.B. (English and medieval studies) and M.A. (medieval and Renaissance British literature) from Georgetown University and his M.A. and Ph.D. (medieval studies) from Cornell University. He lives in Jefferson, Louisiana.

Curriculum vitae

Click here for a current curriculum vitae including publications and conference presentations.

Research interests

  • 14th- and 15th-century English religious literature (especially drama, the poetry of John Lydgate, and the literature of East Anglia)
  • Old English and Old Norse literature
  • Franciscan and Carthusian spirituality
  • medieval mysticism
  • medieval music and/in literature
  • performance and performativity
  • gender studies

Current projects (in order of near-completeness)

  • Edition of the Croxton Play of the Sacrament for the TEAMS Consortium Middle English Text Series ( Kalamazoo: Medieval Institute Publications): a fifteenth-century dramatization of a Host-desecration miracle
  • “Behind the Music: Processional Dramaturgy and the YorkAssumption of the Virgin”: a study of gymels (two-part songs) in a biblical pageant
  • Lewd Imaginings: The Fashioning of Lay Identity in Late Medieval England (tentative title): an examination of the imaginary but fundamental division of society into “learned” and “lewd” (Middle English lewed carries the modern senses of “unlearned” and “lay,” although the difference is rarely clear in medieval usage) and the association of “lewdness” with the imaginative (rather) than the rational faculties of the mind against the backdrop of the Lollard heresy
  • An Anthology of Medieval English Mysticism: under contract with Johns Hopkins University Press


Click on the course numbers for course descriptions.

Current course offerings (Fall 2007):

ENGL A340 Chaucer: Canterbury Tales
ENGL H295 Dante's "Beautiful Lies": Allegory and Interpretation (Honors)

Other courses taught at Loyola:

ENGL A316 Medieval Survey
ENGL A341 Chaucer: Troilus and Other Poems
ENGL A388 Grammar & Language
ENGL T125 The Emerging Self
ENGL U187 Martyrs, Minstrels, Mystics
ENGL U188 The World of the Vikings
ENGL U195 The Legend of Robin Hood
ENGL U197 Heroes and Monsters
ENGL U199 Arthurian Legend

Courses taught at Georgetown University:

HUMW 011 Critical Reading & Writing: Spy Stories
ENGL 040 Gateway: Medieval Literature & Culture
MVST 222 The World of the Vikings

Courses taught at Cornell University:

MEDST 101 Aspects of Medieval Culture: Dramas of the Diabolical and the Divine
MEDST 102 The Literature of Chivalry: Love, Sex, and Gender
MEDST 103 Legend, Fantasy, Vision: Braveheart


Updated May 19, 2008