Twentieth Annual Show and Sale


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Rare and Exotic Hibiscus Cultivars & Special Hibiscus Fertilizers

General Growing Information & Books & Specialty Soil

(cash, personal checks and credit cards accepted)

Flower Submissions:   8:30am to 11:30am

Public Exhibition and Sale:   1:00pm to 4:30pm



Admission Free

Open to the General Public from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Grace King High School is a public high school located in Metairie, unincorporated Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. It is a part of the Jefferson Parish Public Schools and serves portions of Metairie and Kenner.


Often we are asked why we don't have more than one show and sale a year. Quite frankly the chapter simply doesn't have the physical energy to organize a second show. Perhaps one day we may be able to do so.  But for now, this annual show is the best opportunity for the gardening public in the New Orleans area to obtain some of the newest and most sought-after cultivars of hibiscus.

Of course, we do hope to make a profit on the sale as it funds the chapter's various projects and pays its expenses. But this was never the principal reason for our organizing and sponsoring a show.

Like other members of the American Hibiscus Society, we discovered that we simply could not contain our passion for hibiscus.  All too soon, we found that our desire to acquaint others with the wonders of this beautiful flower outstripped the number of available family members and friends.  Before long we were pressing our blooms upon even slight acquaintances.  Even this proved unsatisfactory.  And so we took the next logical step. 

Unable to contain our enthusiasm for this surprisingly varied and beautiful family of plants, we decided to have a show. That way we could share our blooms with everyone.  And so, over the years, we have worked hard to make New Orleans the location of one of the largest and best hibiscus shows in the AHS. 

Come enjoy the flowers and see why we are so passionate about hibiscus!  We promise that you will be amazed by the hundreds of flowers on display.   

Robert Gerlich, S.J.

President of the New Orleans Chapter of the AHS

School Cafeteria and Outdoor Patio Area

Grace King High School

4301 Grace King Place

Metairie, La.  70002

Show Chair:  Robert Gerlich, S.J.

Office phone:  504-865-2570

Cell phone:   504-722-2408

Show Entrance on Division Street

Driving Directions:  Grace King High School is extremely easy to locate.  If coming from the west, exit onto Clearview Pkwy, and proceed toward the lake for 1.3 miles.  At West Esplanade, take a right and continue on for approximately 1.2 miles to Division St.  Turn right on Division and the school parking lot entrance is within a block to your right.  If coming from the east, proceed to Causeway Blvd. and exit Causeway onto Veterans Blvd, heading west past Lakeside Shopping Center.  Proceed west on Veterans to Division St. and take a right on Division.  The entrance to the school parking lot is on the left, just before West Esplanade Avenue.  Look for the signs.