Ethnic Conflict in the Twentieth Century
Spring 1999
Dr. Bernard Cook
Office: Bobet 427
Telephone: 2564

Required reading:

Mischa Glenny, The Fall of Yugoslavia: The Third Balkan War. Revised and updated edition.

Suzanne Goldenberg. Pride of Small Nations: The Caucasus and Post-Soviet Disorder.

Europa World Yearbook. In the reference section of the library.  For each country as we discuss it.

Course Requirements:

Punctual daily attendance at class is required.  After the third absence, your final grade will be lowered for each additional absence. You are expected to be prepared to discuss the scheduled topic by reading the web site material and consulting the Europa World Yearbook. Read Glenny for post-Yugoslavia topics and Goldenberg for the Caucasus.


A research paper is due on March 22.

You are to discuss your topic with me by January 22.  You are to bring to my office a tentative bibliography and plan of attack by February 5.

The paper must be typed, and neatly done.  I highly recommend that you use a Mac in the computer lab.  Penciled or penned-in corrections are completely unacceptable.  I will not accept anything less than a finished product.  Returned papers will be penalized.  Proper academic form must be followed.  Consult the research paper form sheet available in the History Department.  Correct spelling and grammar are expected.  You will be graded on these as well as content and development.  Papers with misspellings and grammatical errors, after an appropriate penalty, are subject to return.  The papers are to be lucid, coherent, well thought-out, and well developed.  Plagiarism will result in an F for the course.  Any paper shorter than eight full pages, exclusive of endnotes, will be unacceptable.  No paper, exclusive of endnotes, may exceed twelve pages. A "research paper" without indication of where quotes, paraphrasing, or information beyond general knowledge were drawn from will be assigned an F.

Do not use type smaller or larger than 12 point on a computer or pica on a typewriter.  Make certain that your ribbon is not excessively worn.  I will return papers which I deem too light to read.  Do not use margins in excess of one inch.  Provide a separate cover page with your name and the chapter title.  The papers must be stapled in the top left hand corner.  The deadlines are absolute.  In order to avoid problems, do not wait until the last minute.


Present a preliminary presentation on your research topic when it appears on the syllabus or in the "other presentations" category.

Tentative Schedule:

11 Introduction
13 Browse "Contemporary Conflicts" at
15 Read "The International Bill of Rights: A Brief History:"
18 Holiday
20 Visit: and read Hitler on Anti-Semitism in Vienna and Hitler's First Anti-Semitic  Speech.
22 Read Nazi statements on the "Jewish Question:"
and the discriminatory measures against the Jews:
and the Auschwitz documents at   and
25 Continued
27 Collapse of Communism and Ethnic Conflict
29 The Chechnya: The Russo-Chechen War
Visit :
1 Visit
3 film
 Write a two page reaction to "The Prisoner of the Mountain": Hand in on  February 5.
5 The Collapse of Yugoslavia and Greater Serbian Nationalism
8 film
10 film: For a Serbian perspective on the Ustasha, Jasenovac, Krajina, and Kosovo see
12 film
15 Holiday
17 Holiday
19 film
22 Hand in a four page reaction to the War in the Balkans. We will discuss Croatia
24 Bosnia
26 Kosovo: Visit Kosovo Crisis:   Read especially "State Collapse and Ethnic Conflict" and read differing points of view under the History section of
1 Continued
3 Georgia
5 Abkhazia: Visit   and research the origin and the nature of the conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia
8  Armenia: Read about the Armenian Holocaust at
10 Nagorno-Karabakh: Read the "Nagorno-Karabakh War" at
12 Arab-Israeli Conflict: Visit Middle East Conflict: Go to   and read: Israel and the Occupied Territories and Military History: Arab Israeli Conflicts
15  Continued
17 Continued
19 Romania;  Roma/Sinti
 Read "The Marginalization of the Gypsies" at
22 Continued and Moldava; Bulgaria
24 Northern Ireland
26 Northern Ireland
29  Holiday
30 Holiday
2 Holiday
5 Holiday
7 Northern Ireland: Hand in a two page paper on the Origins of the Conflict  in Northern Ireland
9 Northern Ireland
12 Rwanda: Visit the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda:
Visit "A Journey into the Rwanda Genocide", read especially the chronology:
14 Continued
16 East Timor: For East Timor visit and read from , particularly the history, and , particularly Chomsky's "End the Atrocity in East Timor," and "The Occupation of East Timor."
19 Tamils: Visit   and read from Sri Lanka's Genocide against the Tamils
21 Kurds: Read about the Kurds and their struggle by starting at:
23 South Sudan: Read "South Sudan: A History of political Domination: A Case for Self Determination" at
26 The case of Belgium; The Case of Germany
28 The case of Italy: Lega; The case of France: Le Pen. Visit , click on the English version.
30 Other Presentations
3 Other Presentations

Exam:  Take home exam due Friday May 7 by noon.

Approximate value of work:

War in the Balkans paper (utilize Glenny as well as the films)........... 15%
"Prisoners of the Mountain" (Utilize Goldenberg as well as the film)...10%
Northern Ireland paper.........................................................10%
Major Paper.....................................................................25%
Take home exam. (Must be typed)...........................................20%

Grading scale:

Research Topics: One topic per person; first come first served.

For paper and class presentation consult Europa World Yearbook

East Timor
Croatian War
Bosnian Conflict
India-Pakastan Conflict
Iran-Iraq Conflict
Muslims in France
Turks in Germany
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Turks in Bulgaria
Moldava Difficulties
China and Tibet
Armenian Holocaust
Bosnian Serb Republic
International Tribunal for War Crimes in Bosnia
Roma/Sinti in Romania
Anti-Semitism in ....

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