List of Undergraduate Research Projects, with K. R. Birdwhistell

# School/Yr Name Title GradYr

1. 91-92 S. Toporek Synthesis of Carbodiimides and Catalytic Metathesis '92
Software Engineer for Sun Systems, (graduate school U of F, NCSU)

2. 91-92 D. Mahoney Catalytic Condensation of Phenyl Isocyanate with V(O)acac2 '92
Local industry, AMAX metals, New Orleans, LA

3. 89-90 M. Ensminger Studies of Catalytic carbodiimide Metathesis using V(Ntol)Cl3 '92
Software Engineer

4. 92-93 D. Tran Metathesis of DTC and DiPC using V(O)(OtBu)3 '92

5. 91-92 S. Harris('92) Volatile Platinum Complexes '92
MD from Univ of Alabama Medical School

5. 92-93 W. Sisk Study of the Metathetic catalytic properties of V(O)(OtBu)3 '93
(local nonchemical employment)

6. 92-93 R. Gross('93) Investigation of the Catalytic Properties of Vanadium Oxo complexes '93
Vice-President of Operations at Shearwater Polymers

7. 93-94 J. Lanza('94) Metathesis Reactoins of Vanadium Oxo and Imido Complexes '94
PhD UNC-Chapel Hill, employed by BASF Corp.

8. 94-95 G. Risch ('94) Solid State IR study of Cobalt Nitrito Isomerization '95
Forensic Chemist for State of Alabama

9. 90-91 M. Johnson('96) Catalytic Condensation Properties of V(O)acac2 '96
PhD program in Chemistry Tulane Univ. (st. 1997)

10. 93-94 F. Avonda Study of Vanadium based Metathesis Catalysts
BS chemistry from Univ. of Houston, Chemist Fiore Talarico Bioassay Lab in Houston

10 96/97 Julianne Pasos(96) Catalytic Metathesis of Carbodiimides using Vanadium Oxo complexes. '96
PhD program in Chemistry Texas AM Univ.

11 95-96 Rick Jeansonne ('97) New Vanadium and Molybdenum Oxo compounds for Metathesis and Condensation LSU Shreveport Medical School, MD in private practice, Natchez,MS

12. 97-98 S. Stowers ('98) An Investigation of the Catalytic Properrties of Vanadium (IV,V) and Phosphorus
Comnplexes on Heterocumulene Reactions `98

Genentech (research chemist)

13. 96-97 L. Nguyen ('98) The Effects of t-Butoxide substitution on the Catalytic Properties of Trichloro
tolylimidovanadium (V) in Carbodiimide Metatheses '98
LSU Medical School, MD

14. 96-98 R. Watson ('98) The Effects of diButoxide substitution on the Catalytic Properties of Trichloro
tolylimidovanadium (V) in Carbodiimide Metatheses '97
Univ. AL Medical School, Birmingham AL (MD. Private practice, Mobile,AL

15. 95-96 R. Bonds ('96) Isocyanate Condensation catalyzed by Vanadium Oxo compounds '96
Medical School of Baylor Univ.

16. 95-96 N. Emerson ('96) Imido Transfer reactions mediated by Vanadium Oxo Compounds '96
(Practicing Radiologist for Ochsner Hospital, 2008)

17. 98-99 R. Martinez ('99) A Comparison of the Catalytic Properties of V(NtBu)Cl
3 and V(O)Salen
in Carbodiimide Metathesis and Condensation Reactions '99
Chemist for Johnson & Johnson Corp. ,st. May 1999

18. 98-99 M. Lynch ('99) Catalytic Properties of V(NtBu)Cl
3 '99
PhD program in Chemistry Tulane Univ.
(chemist, Houston, Fall 06)

19. 98-99 J. Rainwater ('01) Imido Transfer Properties of Mo(NR)2Cl2DME '01
PhD, Organic chemistry UT-Austin, Fall 2008

20. 98-99 G. Medina ('99) Relative Reactivity of Voxo(acac)2 vs Voxo(maltato)2
Eli Lilly Co.(chemist), started 1/2000. '99

21. 90-91 T. Boucher Metathesis and Chemistry of V(NTol)(OtBu)3 91

22. 00-01 A. Dumas('02) Vanadium Catalyzed Imido Transfer Chemistry of Imines ’02
(M.D. University of Alabama)

23. 00-01 A. Kelly('02) Cross Metathesis of Imines and Carbodiimides Catalyzed by Vanadium Imido Complexes (PhD, Rice Univ. Chemistry) '02

24 00-01 D. Weaver('02) Investigation of Ketamine/Imido Exchange Promoted by Vanadium Imido Complexes
(MBA, ) 02’

25. 03-04 B. Lewandowski(’04) “Green Chemistry: Application of Polymer Modified Aqueous Catalysts”
(matriculate to Grad. School in chemistry, LSU Fall 2004) ‘04

26. 04-05 A. Pasvantis(’04) “Use of Pt Catalysts for Hydrosilylations in water”

27. 04-05 A. Deseamus(’04) “Polymer Modified Aqueous based Platinum Catalysts”
(Univ. of MS, Grad school in Chemistry, Fall 05) ‘05

28. 04-05 B. Marcello(’05) “Using Water-soluble Rhodium Catalysts to Achieve Selectivity in Hydrogenation Reactions”
(MD, Univ. TX, Houston Medical School, Fall 2005)
29. 04-06 N. Morganti(’06) “Green Chemistry: Water-soluble Hydrosilylation Catalysts”
matriculated to Univ. of Fl, Dental School, F06 ‘06

30. 05-06 Y. Oh(’07) “Models for Polymeric Water-Soluble Catalysts” ‘07
(matriculated to Northwestern Univ. Chemistry graduate school, F07))

31. 05-06 E. Ramos(’07) “Creating New Ionic Water-soluble Ligands and Complexes”
(MS in Finance, Tulane Univ. School of Business Fall 07) ‘07

32. 05-06 W. Rutledge(’07) “Green Uses of Nafion technology for acetylation of Ferrocene ‘07
(matriculated to ……medical school)

33. 06-07 A. Nguyen(’07) “Green Chemistry: Using Microwave Heating and Environmentally Safe Catalysts
for improved Acylation of Ferrocene”
(Working with LCRA as Lab analyst, Austin TX, 2009) ‘07

35. 06-07 M. Raj(’07) “Solid state Acids Nafion and Microwave for Esterification Chemistry” ‘07

36. 06-07 A. Caballero(’07) “Chlorodehydroxylation of Alcohols Using Microwave Heating
and Alternative Green Catalysts” ‘07
(matriculated to medical school Fall 08.)

34. S. Shapiro Title of Oral Presentation, “All About Ames Test”, Fall 2006

37. 06-07 R. Kobelja(’07) “Studies of alternative Catalysts and Microwave Energy for the “Green”
Acylation of Ferrocene” ‘07

38. B. Schulz “Use of Amberlyst as an alternative green catalyst for acetylferrocene
Synthesis” ((working on MS in Forensic drug chemistry, 2009) ‘08

39. M. Gonzalez “Cleaner Synthetic approaches to the Synthesis of diacetylferrocene”
‘(matriculated to medical school????) ‘08

40. E. Stevens (Xavier U.)“New bidentate phosphine ligands” ‘09

41. K. Conroy “MAS of Group Six Carbonyl Complexes in a Biphasic Media” ‘08
(graduate school in chemical physics, Austraila, spring 2009)

42. S. Brown(Lusher High) “Applications of Green Chemistry to chlorodehydroxylation” summer 07

43. S. Koshini (Lusher High) “Applications of Green Chemistry to chlorodehydroxylation” summer 07

44. Charla Lee, “Green Chlorodehydroxylation of benzyl alcohol” Su08
(High school students, Pat Taylor High School)
45. Channel Huff, “Green Chlorodehydroxylation of benzyl alcohol” Su08
(High school students, Pat Taylor High School)

46. C. Eusey, “ Green chemistry on chlorodehydroxylation of benzyl alcohol” Su08

47. H. Badani “ Greener Diacylation of Ferrocene” ‘08

48. L. Fasone “Green Chlorodehydroxylation of benzyl alcohol” Su 08
(High school teacher, Jesuit High School, New Orleans)

49. W. Rutledge “Synthesis of Mo(CO)
4PPN-CCOMe” Su 05
(matriculated to Tulane Medical school, F 09)