What people are saying about the Loyola Writing Institute:

“It's a rare find: high quality, affordable writing classes open to the public.”

"I left the class with a sense of understanding of how to improve my writing."

"The class was a delight and I think everyone enjoyed it as well as learned so much about this difficult craft called writing."

"Loved the class! Our group bonded so well and everyone was very respectful."

"The small class size and individual attention were incredibly useful."

"Great experience-- thanks!"

"This course was exactly what I was looking for."

"I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class and will absolutely recommend it to any and all who might be interested in enhancing their writing skills."

"Michael Lee was a stellar teacher and made every class meeting interesting, entertaining, productive, and informative"

"Jessica is fantastic. She is well prepared and a natural teacher. She rocks!"

"This was an amazing experience- Jessica has improved my writing and outlook so much."

"These have been some of the best writing/revision techniques I've ever received."

"I've written almost every day since starting the class."

"Great vibe. Lots of fun."

"The class was amazing. Everyone was so smart and it opened me up a lot."

"The instructor, the other students and the LWI have greatly inspired me."


"I enjoyed the hell out of this course and I'm going to miss coming here."

“I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to write, discuss, and critique fiction...the instructor created a space in which good criticism and camaraderie could flourish, and I would readily sign up for his extended courses.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class, learned so much about something that I have not done for years, ways to improve and do things differently. I was afraid to write dialogue and be time/location specific, but did so for the course.”

“I have to say the class was excellent [and] an excellent teacher in that he accepts all students on the level they are at, and works with them to improve their abilities by acknowledging their positive points and tactfully suggesting improvement without belittling a writer’s at times fragile self-esteem.”

“I've really enjoyed the classes and they have been very helpful and informative.”

“The course taught was a real eye-opener. It's a daunting subject for an older student who hasn't been in a classroom for a very long time but the instructor made all present - ranging in age from 18 to 79 - feel relaxed and confident. He outlined what we had to do and stressed the importance of writing every day. Comments on our work were concise and helpful, and sharing our work with others gave us each a broad range of helpful advice. I would definitely recommend these course to all who are interested in writing.”

“I really had fun and learned a lot. I discovered that I needed to make a few changes to my writing that will make me a better writer.”

“This workshop was exactly what I needed to start thinking like a (creative) writer again. The tips and short writing assignments were both accessible and manageable for writers of all skill levels (and varying degrees of employment!). Class discussions were always memorable, sticking with me as I wrote later down the line. I am really glad to have gotten back to writing after taking such a long break - this class gave me just what I need to be constantly thinking about the next story, character, etc.”

“The structure of the class and the content of what we were expected to write, allowed me so much insight to my own style and skill set, without being limited to the parameters of a (useless) assignment. Even if the writing challenges he gave us were not specifically related to my specific piece of work that I am concentrating on, somehow I managed to find so many lessons in each task and it really opened me up for HUGE improvements in my style and approach. I will definitely sign up for the next one!”

“I really enjoyed the class and feel that I learned a great deal of the craft of writing. I relished the discussions. It was a great mix of people and I'm hoping to take the class again.”

“I really enjoyed the creative writing workshop. It was informative and well structured. I especially enjoyed the writing assignments because it got my brain juju going…. Overall, I found the class to be inspiring.”

“Not only did this class help me to find my own voice, it also assisted me in re-establishing creative discipline through weekly assignments and constant encouragement about slaying the monster that is writer’s block. I would highly recommend this course to anyone – regardless of experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my eight weeks, and once the class ended, I found myself wishing I was still sitting around that table with fellow writers and a witty instructor, discussing the curse of adverbs and the necessity of giving your characters memories.”

“I am thrilled to see the improvement in my writing since starting this class!”

“This class was instrumental in teaching me how to improve my skills as a writer. I found each class to be both entertaining and informative. Tuesday nights became something that I looked forward to every week."

“This was an excellent course, one of the best non-credit courses I have ever taken – and I have taken a lot of courses. The class stayed engaged through the entire course, the assignments were great and I came away wanting to write more.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It provided incentive to write, encouragement, constructive criticism, helpful pointers and camaraderie.”

“This was an incredible class, and a pleasure to take. I was a bit worried going into it that there would be a focus on “free writing” in class, but this was not the case. It was refreshing to be in a class where people cared enough to put so much effort into improving their own writing, and helping everyone else improve theirs. Absolutely no regrets about taking this class; it went far beyond my hopes and expectations.”

“I thought the class was well taught, well structured, and a very valuable experience. I wouldn't change a thing.”

“I took this class to help spark my interest in creative writing again, and it gave me the encouragement and the push that I needed to do so. Therefore, it accomplished what I needed. I would certainly recommend this course to others.”

“All in all, I have to say that I found the course interesting, fun, useful, and helpful. I feel it has improved my writing and I would certainly recommend it to other people.”