Still Lost in the Cosmos Conference panels

Panelists biographies are available here.  All panels will take place in Monroe Library.

1. Friday, Oct 11, 1:30 -- 3:00 pm, SEMINAR ROOM 2, Moderator: claudia champagne

Escaping the Cosmos: Alienation and Discovery

  • Rhonda McDonnell: Alienation, Dislocation, and Restoration: Percy’s Semiotic Psychology
  • H. Collin Messer: Death by Sentiment: Percy’s Existentialist Critique of American Therapeutic Culture
  • Sylvester Tan, S.J.: The Semiotics of Shame and the Christian Meta-Narrative in Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos

2. Friday, Oct 11, 1:30 -- 3:00 pm, MULTI-MEDIA ROOM 2, moderator: BARBARA EWELL

Amnesia, Eroticism, and Disappointment in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Thom Bassett: Falling into Transcendence: Walker Percy’s Demoniac Self, the Erotic, and the Lust for God
  • Rachel Early: Starting Over: Amnesia, Escape, and Redemption in Lost in the Cosmos and in Percy’s Novels
  • Peter Eliopoulos: I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman, "Where's the self-help section?" She said if she told me, it would defeat the purpose.

3. Friday, Oct 11, 3:15 -- 4:45 pm, MULTI-MEDIA ROOM 2, MODERATOR: MARCUS SMITH

Satire, Mystery, and Self-Reliance in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Joseph O’Brien: Walker Percy, Herman Melville, and Moby Dick, the (Second-to-)Last Self-Help Book: an Inter-textual study of the Self
  • Farrell O’Gorman: Lost in the Cosmos and Gulliver’s Travels: Christian Satire in the Anglo-American Tradition
  • Lawrence F. Rhu: 'Where Do We Find Ourselves?': Walker Percy and Richard Ford

4. Friday, Oct 11, 3:15 -- 4:15 pm, SEMINAR ROOM 2, MODERATOR: MARY MCCAY

Truth, Lies, and Language in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Brian Jobe: Deceit, Desire, and the Self-Help Book: Rereading Lost in the Cosmos as a novel in light of Rene Girard’s Mimetic Theory
  • Karey Perkins: Diamonds in the Rough: The Peirce-Percy Semeiotic in The Second Coming

5. Saturday, Oct. 12, 8:30 -- 9:30 am, seminar room 2, MODERATOR: KEVIN RABALAIS

The Self Defining the Cosmos, The Cosmos Defining the Self

  • Matthew Lickona: Watching Behind the Green Door Behind the Hotel Door: The Pornographic Self in Percy's Nonfiction
  • Hillary McDonald: Carl Sagan on the Train: Forming Connections in the Cosmos

6. Saturday, Oct. 12, 8:30 -- 10:00 am, multi-media room 1, MODERATOR: STEPHEN ROWNTREE, S.J.

Philosophers Lost in the Cosmos

  • David Beck: Found in the Cosmos: Percy's Kierkegaardian-Marcellian Synthesis as an Answer to the Sundered Self
  • Craig E. Mattson: Sticking Our Selves into the Cosmos: Material Experience and Ideological Analysis in the Percy’s Rhetoric
  • Christopher Yates: Check One or More: Percy and Heidegger on the Problem of Authenticity

7. Saturday, Oct. 12, 10:15 -- 11:45 am, multi-media room 1, MODERATOR: CHRISTOPHER CHAMBERS

Place and Movement: Northern and Southern Cosmoses

  • Robbie Bolton and Brent Cline: Found in Lost Cove: The Self and Physical Location in Lost in the Cosmos
  • L. Lamar Nisly: Disappointment and Responsibility in Lost in the Cosmos and Tim Gautreaux’s Fiction
  • Matthew P. Smith: Making Reality Real: Travel and the Erotic in Eudora Welty's "No Place For You, My Love"

8. Saturday, Oct. 12, 10:15 -- 11:45 Am, seminar room 2, MODERATOR: DITTMAR DITTRICH

The Medium is the Cosmos: Technology and Media in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Jonathan Potter and Read Schuchardt: Lost in the Post-Gutenberg Galaxy: Percy, McLuhan, and the Digital Delta Factor
  • Mitchell Thomas: The Myth of the Solitary Self and the Mystery of Otherness
  • Mark Thorsby: Revelation in Exile: On Percy and the Possibility of Finding Oneself in a Technological Age

9. Saturday, Oct. 12, 1:00 -- 2:00 pm, seminar room 2, MODERATOR: JOHN BIGUENET

The Cosmos in the Classroom

  • Charles R. Cowherd: Teaching Percy to Post-Millennials
  • Eric Potter: Lost in the Classroom: How Percy Might Help Students (and Professor) Find Their Way in a Western Literature Course

10. Saturday, Oct. 12, 1:00 -- 2:00 Pm, multi-media room 1, MODERATOR: WILLIAM COTTON

Eclectic Approaches to Community in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Rebecca Baker: “The General Community Is Not Dead After All”: Trauma and Hope in Walker Percy’s Writing
  • Terence Sweeney: Lost in the Cosmos: A Philosophical-Spiritual Exercise

11. Saturday, Oct. 12, 2:30 -- 4:00 pm, seminar room 2 MODERATOR: MARY MCCAY

Searching for Signs in the Cosmos

  • Christopher Carstens: The Language of the Cosmos: What was Lost is now Found
  • Thomas H. Hubert: “Signs Following”: Sign, Self, and Being in Lost in the Cosmos
  • Gerald McCollam: Walker Percy's Semiotics of Self: A Case Study: C. S. Peirce and The Problem of Reentry

12. Saturday, Oct. 12, 2:30 -- 4:00 pm, seminar room 1, MODERATOR: JASON BERRY

Finding Truth in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Kevin Joseph Haley: Where are the Hittites?: Tracing Walker Percy’s Theology of the Jews
  • Stephen Rowntree, S.J.: Lost in the Cosmos: Percy’s Apologia for Religious Faith
  • Robert M. Schaefer: A Well-Ordered Whole: Percy & Benedict’s Reflections on the Cosmos

13. Saturday, Oct. 12, 2:30 -- 3:30 pm, multi-media room 1, MODERATOR: KEVIN RABALAIS

The Pursuit of Happiness and the Failure of Self Help

  • Elizabeth Amato: Walker Percy’s Critique of the Pursuit of Happiness in The Moviegoer, Lost in the Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book, and The Thanatos Syndrome
  • Brian A. Smith: The Mishmash Theory of Man

14. Saturday, Oct. 12, 4:15 -- 5:15 pm, seminar room 2, MODERATOR: JENNIFER LEVASSEUR

The Role of the Artist in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Larry E. Fink: Early and Later Street Photography through the Lens of Walker Percy’s 'A Semiotic Primer of the Self'
  • Jennifer Levasseur: A Moveable Piece: Stefan Zweig and Walker Percy's Problem of Artist-Writer Reentry

15. Saturday, Oct. 12, 4:15 -- 5:45 pm, multi-media room 1, MODERATOR: SYLVESTER TAN, S.J.

Salvation and Uncertainty in Lost in the Cosmos

  • Michael P. Murphy: Revealing the Transcendent Third: Walker Percy’s Trinitarian Imagination
  • John E. Shaffett: Walker Percy, Evangelicals, the Gospel, and Lost in the Cosmos
  • (Robert) Cameron Wilson: The Dialectic of Belief: Participation and Uncertainty in Walker Percy’s Lost in the Cosmos