Brown Bag Lunches

Our Brown Bag Lunches are a great opportunity to hear about the exciting research and work our faculty and staff are doing on campus. Grab some lunch and come over to the WRC to meet new people and share in interesting conversation.

The Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Brown Bag Lunches were replaced by our "Alumnae in Action" speaker series. Brown Bag Lunches will return in the Fall 2013. 



Fall 2011
September 21 (12:30) Dr. Laura Murphy, Department of English presents: "Slavery in the 21st Century"
October 5 (12:30) Dr. Brenda Vollman, Department of Criminal Justice presents: "Childhood Sexual Victimization and Gender: Girls are Not Alone: A Case Study of Sexual Abuse of Minors in the US Catholic Church"
October 19 (12:00) Dr. Charles Corprew, Department of Psychology presents: "Men at the Crossroads: Understanding hypermasculinity in emerging adulthood from a collegiate perspective"
 November 16 (12:30)  Dr. Naomi Yavneh, Director of the Honors Program, will present  her research on the Scottish Noblewoman Lady Christina


Some of our past Brown Bag presentations:

Spring 2010
February 1 Dr. Sara Butler, Department of History will present: "Runaway Wives in Medieval England"
March 1 Khedidja Boudaba, Department of Languages and Culture will present: "Algerian Women and the Press"
April 12 Dr. Laura Hope, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance will present: "There are no Irish Women Playwrights (Are there?)"



 Fall 2009
September 14 Dr. JoAnn Cruz, Dean of the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences will present: "A Gendered Perspective on Learning and Teaching in the Middle East"
October 5 Nancy Bernardo of the Graphic Arts Department will present: "Dual Layers: Visual Conversations with the Body and Self"
October 26 Rae Taylor of the Department of Criminal Justice will present: "The Power to Kill: Power and Coercive Control as a Predictor of Homicide in Intimate Relationships"
November 2 Kathy Anzelmo of the Department of Biology will present: "Taking Care of Mother Earth"
December 7 Dr. Judy Deshotels, Jesuit Center Fellow, will present: "Women in Dialogue with Jesuit Values: From Juana to Our 21st Century College Campus"