Toddler Two Room

The Toddler Two Room accepts children from 18 - 24 months of age.  There are two full-time teachers with the toddlers.  Work study students and student assistants aid the teachers as their schedules permit.  The toddlers have a combination of indoor and outside playtime as the weather permits.  The teachers interact with the children throughout the day by singing and talking.  They aid their language development by modeling appropriate language and reading to the children.  They help foster good social skills by discussing feelings and encouraging "gentle hands."  The toddlers are given the independence they need to explore their newly expanding world, but at the same time they are given the warmth and attention that is so important in their early years.

The Toddler Twos have many learning centers on the carpeted area of the room.  They are free to play in the block center, housekeeping center, fine motor area, book/cozy area and social skills center.  The toddlers have numerous toys to coose from that are appropriate for their stage of development, such as: blocks, cars and trucks, animals, puzzles, shape sorters, soft toys and dolls, puppets, musical instruments, jack-in-the-boxes, play food, dishes, dress-up clothes, etc.  The toddlers participate in art activities daily.  The children eat meals and snacks in the classroom at tables and chairs that are low to the ground and appropriate for their height.  A morning snack is served in addition to the breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack that is served to all children at the Center.

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