Teachers and Staff

Teachers are selected for their sense of commitment, an ability to nurture children, and knowledge of child development. This is demonstrated by an ability to create an educational environment that says to children and families "this is a good, safe, fun place to learn and develop one's potential." Teachers of three - five year old children have Bachelors Degrees in Education. Teachers of one - two year olds have Bachelor Degrees or higher in Education.  Teachers of infants and toddlers have CDA certificates, certified in Infant/ Child CPR and Pediatric First Aid. In addition, all staff attend professional training throughout the year, and are registered with the Louisiana Department of Education.

Teachers and Staff

Latisha Newman, M.Ed. Director
email: lnewman@loyno.edu

Nicole LeBant, Administrative Assistant
email: nglebant@loyno.edu

Blue Class
Eve Vignes, Teacher Lucie Clarke, Teacher Assistant
Green Class
Amanda Usner, Teacher Dawntrell Evans, Assistant Teacher
Orange Class
Vacant, Teacher  Donna Ragus, Assistant Teacher
Yellow Class
Mindy Thompson, Teacher Zeina Williams, Assistant teacher
Red Class
Kristin Kobrock, Teacher

Hannah Taylor, Assistant Teacher

Rhonda Soublet,Child Nutrition Coordinator


Jasmine Cole, Full-Time Substitute Teacher