Teachers and Staff

Teachers are selected for their sense of commitment, an ability to nurture children, and knowledge of child development. This is demonstrated by an ability to create an educational environment that says to children and families "this is a good, safe, fun place to learn and develop one's potential." Teachers of three - five year old children have Bachelors Degrees in Education. Teachers of one - two year olds have Associates Degrees in Education.  Teachers of infants and toddlers have experience working with young children. All teachers are certified in Infant and Child CPR and Pediatric First Aid. Teachers attend the annual Louisiana Association for the Education of Young Children conference and workshops throughout the year.

Teachers and Staff

Robyn Oubre, Director
email: rcoubre@loyno.edu

Amanda Arcement, Administrative Assistant
email: alscott@loyno.edu

Preschool Program
Three Year Old Program


Jennifer Mau, Assistant Teacher
email: jmglynn1@loyno.edu
Two Year Old Program
Amanda Usner, Teacher
email: alusner@loyno.edu
Claire Brower, Assistant Teacher
email: ckbrady@loyno.edu
One Year Old Program
Jamie Betz, Teacher
email: jlbetz@loyno.edu
Dominique Rochon, Assistant Teacher
Toddler Program
Debbie Lansou, Teacher
email: dalansou@loyno.edu
Becky Scott, Assistant Teacher
email: rbscott@loyno.edu
Infant Program
Kristen Kobrock, Teacher

Hillery Gazzaniga,Assistant Teacher
email: hgazzani@loyno.edu

Rhonda Soublet,Child Nutrition Coordinator
email: rmsouble@loyno.edu