Infant Room

The Infant Room accepts children from 4 months to one year of age.  There are two full-time teachers with the infants.  Work study students and student assistants aid the teachers as their schedules permit.  The infants have a combination of indoor and outside playtime as the weather permits.  The teachers are aware that each infant has unique needs and wants and adjusts their day accordingly.  Teachers talk and sing with the children throughout the day in a warm and attentive manner. 

The infants have two areas of the room to explore.  An active play area is available with a tunnel for crawlers and an exersaucer for the younger infants.  In this area, many toys are accessible that lend to "noisy" play such as musical toys, rattles that make different sounds, blocks, and balls.  A "cozy" area is set-up in another area of the room.  Toys that are accessible in this area are conducive to "quiet" play such as books, puzzles, dolls, and soft toys.

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