Work-study Employment Opportunity

Many of our tutors have worked as editors of Loyola publications, have won prestigious academic awards, have headed Loyola extracurricular programs, and have gone on to receive PhDs in their chosen fields.

Typical Responsibilities for WAC tutors
• assist Loyola students who need writing help,
• attend training workshops,
• greet visitors and callers,
• provide computer assistance,
• complete lab report forms, and
• conduct library research.

Educational Benefits

In the process of helping others improve their writing, WAC tutors
• extend and strengthen their own writing abilities,
• earn one hour of course credit for participating in the tutor training program,
• become familiar with a range of computer skills, and
• develop a professional work ethic

Selection Criteria

Writing Across the Curriculum is looking for academically qualified students who possess: strong writing abilities, some knowledge of computers, excellent communication skills, a willingness to work flexible hours, and a willingness to learn how to be an exceptional peer tutor.

Application Process

If you have qualified for Work/Study and are interested in becoming a WAC tutor, please contact WAC’s Assistant Director at nprowe at