Grammar Guide

Grammar and Style Notes
Jack Lynch, Rutgers University

This site is organized alphabetically and is a great guide to a variety of different grammar issues. If you know what you're looking for, it's very useful.

Grammar Resources on the Web
University of Chicago Writing Program

Organized site that provides annotated links from grammar quick guides to links to grammar books and essays, that can answer any query.

Guide to Grammar and Writing
Capital Community College

Award winning site with a hyperlinked index for finding detailed grammar topics such as clauses, run-ons, articles and determiners, compound nouns and modifiers, and much more, such as 170 interactive quizzes.

OWL: Handouts: Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
Purdue University

Excellent site with printer friendly handouts of all the sections available. Includes sections on adjectives and adverbs, hyphens, suffixes, sound-alike words, etc.

Writer's Web
University of Richmond

A public access handbook that provides answers to questions on punctuation, such as apostrophes, contractions, etc., and sentence structure and mechanism, such as agreement between nouns and pronouns, subjects and verbs, using articles, etc.

The Writing Center
Arizona State University

Site contains great handouts about punctuation, such as quotation marks, semicolons, commas, etc., and sentence structure, such as the passive voice, transitions, etc.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

Learn proper punctuation and avoid common grammar mistakes by reading examples and by taking grammar/punctuation tests.

Grammar Bytes: An Interactive Grammar Review

Provides exercises, detailed explanations of grammar terms, and grammar rules, such as fixing comma splices, using irregular verbs, etc.

UW Grammar Page
Mary Nell, Washington University

Very useful site that meticulously explains verbs (gerunds and infinitives), conditional tense, prepositions, etc.

University of Oregon

Take a mock test (funny and only 10 questions) and improve your grammatical skill