About Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) supports excellence in critical thinking and writing in all undergraduate programs and classes at Loyola. WAC offers a variety of services to help students improve their writing and to assist faculty in designing effective writing assignments.

Student Tutoring Services

WAC provides free tutoring on writing assignments, including:

  • Analytical essays
  • Argumentative essays
  • Response papers
  • Research papers in all majors
  • Book reports and reviews
  • Film and drama reviews
  • Lab reports
  • Critiques
  • Proposals, business reports, letters, and memos
  • Service learning writing projects

Students receive help with all phases of the writing process, from brainstorming ideas to synthesizing sources, tightening arguments, and revising for clarity and style. WAC tutors do not edit or correct students' papers; instead, they work with students to help them strengthen their critical thinking skills and improve their own writing.

Tutor Training

WAC writing tutors, who are drawn from a broad range of majors, are trained to help students with the rhetorical conventions, formats, writing practices, and citation demands of the different academic disciplines. All first-semester writing tutors enroll in English 491, "Practicum in Teaching Writing," and take additional tutoring workshops throughout subsequent years. In addition, beginning tutors are paired with experienced tutors who mentor them during the first year, include them as observers in tutoring sessions, and answer questions that arise about tutoring situations and resources.


WAC administers a writing center and electronic classroom in Room 100 Bobet Hall where students can conduct Internet research, draft papers, consult with writing tutors, and revise their work. The writing center makes available a library of print and online resources for writers, including discipline-specific guides to college writing, dictionaries, handbooks, grammar guides, style and citation guides, and other resources.

Our Mission

The mission of Writing Across the Curriculum is to foster consensus that writing is integral to a liberal arts education at Loyola and to support the use of writing as a learning tool in all disciplines. WAC has articulated several ongoing goals by which to fulfill this mission:

Goal 1: To promote the use of writing in all classes through interdisciplinary faculty forums, class lectures, and consultation on writing in the disciplines.

Goal 2: To offer easily accessible peer tutoring that helps Loyola students improve the quality of their writing.

Goal 3: To maintain and operate computer centers and classrooms consistent with up-to-date writing and research technologies.

Goal 4: To publicize effectively the services we offer to on- and off-campus students.

Goal 5: To reward and nurture outstanding writing as an essential feature of educational excellence at Loyola.

For more information about WAC and WAC services, contact Robert Bell at rcbell at loyno.edu.