Landfill Continues to Cause Controversy

Thu, 06/01/2006

The landfill located in New Orleans East off Chef Menteur Hwy has been a source of controversy since debris from hurricane Katrina is being dumped there. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin agreed to have the landfill site temporarily closed for testing. However, the landfill has remained open while testing is going on. Residents of the area are fearful that the landfill could have hazardous material included in the debris that is being dumped by Waste Management, Inc. The landfill is of concern to Bread for the World New Orleans because of its proximity to the Bayou Savage Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge is a source of water for the community vegetable gardens of the Vietnamese settlement in New Orleans East. The gardens are a source of income for the Vietnamese. The Vietnamese community is the largest single settlement of Vietnamese in the United States. The community is home to Vietnamese that fled Viet Nam after the war. Their gardens are more than a source of income, they represent part of the culture and must be preserved.