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Making Rights Work for Working Children in Africa Vachel Miller

Where children are damaged by work, there is something to be done about it.

LXI, 5
Globalization and Us Robert A. Senser

This issue includes a reprint of the final chapter of Justice at Work: Globalization of the Human Rights of Workers as well as a supplementary essay on the 15 propositions described within the book.

LXI, 4
Fair Employment: Ending Discrimination in Hiring and Promotion Markley Roberts

Jobs with decent pay and access to promotion in the workplace are key components of social and economic justice—key components of full entry into the mainstream of American life. We have made progress in the last 50 years but we still have a long way to go toward the goal of full and fair employment.

LXI, 2
Violence is Never the Will of God ST. JOAN OF ARC: A Warning to End the Constantinian Era Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

Violent theism is an idea of God, that since the stone age, has created hell on Earth for billions.

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Iraq, Iran, the Bible and Rush Limbaugh: Reflections on Biblical Sharing from Amman, Jordan Kathy Kelly

People are beginning to ask the glaringly obvious questions that leaders don't address: why are people in other parts of the world so angry with us?

LX, 2
Social Justice Spirituality:A Meditation on Micah 6:8 Bill Quigley

Micah was a social justice prophet. He was from a poor family and lived in eighth century BC. Micah was disgusted by the way the powerful mistreated the powerless. The Jerome Biblical Commentary says he was “a fearless champion of the cause of the oppressed.”

Katrina – The First Eight Months - Fall 2005 – Spring 2006 Bill Quigley

This issue contains a series of articles and reflections written in the wake of Hurricane Katrina

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