Bread for the World Archives

These are the back issues of the Bread for the World Newsletter


January Issue-What Happened to the Farm Bill?

February Issue-Access to Food for Homeless and Highly Mobile Students

March Issue-Food Security and Women

April/May-We All Have A Roll

June-No Banks-All Cash

July-Access to Food for Homeless and Highly mobile Students


September-Move to Cut Food Stamps



January Issue-Prayer Is Necessary

February Issue-A Circle of Caring

March Issue-Shameful

April and May Issue-Poverty-Focused 

June Issue-Cuts in Nutrition Program

July Issue-Corn:FOOD and/or Fuel

August Issue-Investing In Natural Capital: Towards a Green Economy in Agriculture

September Issue- Global Food Losses and Waste

October Issue-The Farm Bill

November Issue-Guiding Principles

December Issue-Struggling to Put Food on the Table



January Issue- Hope

February Issue-Food Security and Nutrition: A Global Issue

 March Issue-God's Concern and Our Responsibility

April/May Issue-Defining Food Security

June Issue-Better Nutrition For Women: Key To Reducing Hunger

July- Who Will Feed the Future

August-Hunger and The Federal Budget

September-One Thousand Days

October-Food Crisis in The Horn of Africa

November-Prayer and Justice Work: The Perfect Complements

December-The Purpose of this Day Should Be a Commitment to Modify Behavior





January Issue-Food Security & Climate Change

February Issue-Tom Vilsack Highlights Role of Agriculture in Climate Change

March Issue-A Time to Change History

April/May Issue-Helping Women Can Also Achieve The Millennium Development Goals (MDG's)

June Issue-The Economics of Love for Neighbor

July Issue-Feed Every Child

August Issue-Smart Foreign Assistance Makes For Enough Food

September Issue-Food Hardship: A National Problem

October Issue-Turn Swords into Ploughshares

November Issue-Thanksgiving Day A Time of Gratitude

December- Walking with us in Love