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Success Coaching

Why see a success coach?

Success Coaches meet with undergraduate students to identify and meet academic goals. Coaches are passionate about teaching students to navigate Loyola’s resources. Meeting individually with undergraduate students, coaches aim to develop academic success skills, engage in goal-setting, and practice reflection. Coaches may help students improve their time management habits, note-taking skills, and test-taking abilities.

Students and coaches are also encouraged to attend a Success Workshop, hosted by one of the staff members in the center. 

Who are the success coaches? 

Loyola undergraduate and graduate students are our Success Coaches. Students and coaches will be paired based on academic and personal interests and availability, to the extent possible. Our coaches are excited to help other students, to share techniques for meeting goals, and to teach others about Loyola's network of resources. Our coaches come from different academic backgrounds and interests, and are sensitive to the needs of Loyola's diverse student body.

In addition, staff in the Student Success Center are available to coach students.

How do I sign up?

Please complete the request form here

If you have questions, contact Elizabeth Rainey