The Magis Program

Provisionally admitted first-year students will be automatically placed into the Magis Program. “Provisional” admission status means that a student enters Loyola on academic probation and must complete their first year of study with a minimum of a 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

Intentional academic advising helps students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to take full responsibility for completing a program that is consistent with their educational and professional aspirations. Provisionally admitted students that choose to enroll at Loyola will meet with their Magis advisor during Orientation. During this meeting, the advisor and student will review the details of the Magis contract, the student’s course schedule, expectations of the program and the student’s participation, as well as address any remaining questions or concerns.

At the time of admission, each student is provided with a customized Magis contract and sample course schedule that addresses the area of academic weakness specific to that student. Students will be required to sign the contract in order to finalize their admission to Loyola and entrance into the program.Below are examples of the types of courses that students may be required to take as part of the Magis Program. There are three types of Magis admission. Sample contracts can be seen here: Magis with English, Magis with Math, and Dual Magis.

Additionally, the student must have made satisfactory academic progress, per the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid, in order to progress to their sophomore year.

Course requirements differ for each student, but may include:

Fall Semester Spring Semester
First-Year Seminar
(3 credit hours)
Critical Reading & Writing
(3 credit hours)
Expository Writing
(3 credit hours)
Intro to Finite Math OR Math Models
(3 credit hours)
English Enrichment
(1 credit hour)
Loyola Core / Major Courses / Elective Courses
(up to 13 credit hours)
Fundamentals of Algebra
(3 credit hours)
Magis Colloquium
(0 credit hours)
Math Enrichment
(1 credit hour)
Loyola Core/ Major Courses / Elective Courses
(up to 9 credit hours)
Magis Colloquium
(0 credit hours)
Total fall credit hours: 16 Total spring credit hours: 16

As part of the Magis Program, students will receive individualized support to help ensure success towards degree.

Declaring a Major: Students will have the option to begin at Loyola with a declared major, but can also choose to enter as an undeclared major for their first year of matriculation. Undeclared students will be able to declare majors at the end of the first year. 

Advising: Click here to learn about advising for the 2017-2018 academic year. 


Dr. Brad Petitfils
Senior Director of Student Success and Institutional Effectiveness

Elizabeth Rainey
Director of Retention and Student Success