Requesting Accommodations

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) approves accommodations for qualified students with disabilities. 

The process for registering with the ODS is as follows:

1. Students must meet with the ODS in Marquette Hall, Room 112. During this meeting, students will talk with an ODS staff member about their individual needs, specific accommodation requests, and how their academic functioning is impacted by their disability.

  • Undergraduate and graduate students with last names starting with A-M may contact Samantha Pollard (phone: 504-865-2070; email: Click HERE to schedule an appointment.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students with last names starting with N-Z may contact Dario Bayardo (phone: 504-865-2108; email: Click HERE to schedule an appointment.
  • Law students may contact Richelle Voelker (phone: 504-865-3265; email:, Click HERE to schedule an appointment.

2. Students who request accommodations must submit appropriate documentation of their disabilities. The ODS follows documentation guidelines outlined by AHEAD, the Association of Higher Education and Disability. Please see the Documentation Guidelines link for complete information.  Reasonable time, not less than 10 business days, must be given to ODS staff for eligibility of accommodations to be determined.  The University is not required by law to provide retroactive accommodations to any student.  Services are initiated with the opening of a confidential file based on eligible documentation.  This documentation never becomes part of the student's permanent educational record.

3. Students must send their offical Course Accommodation Record to their professors through ClockWork. Once all eligibility requirements have been met and accommodations have been determined, students will be required to log into the ClockWork Student Portal to view and then send their approved accommodations to the professors of their choice. Accommodations are fully implemented once the professor has viewed and acknolwedged the student's approved accommodations. Professors are not responsible for providing accommodations until they have acknowledged your ODS approved accommodations through Clockwork. 

4. Students are strongly encouraged to talk with their professors about their accommodation needs. Students ought to meet with each professor to review and discuss their accommodations as soon as they are approved by the ODS. If your professor has any questions or concerns, please direct them to contact the ODS for clarification or resolution. Students are also encouraged to contact their professors especially if they have not yet viewed and acknowledged the student's accommodations through ClockWork. 

5. Students are responsible for notifying the ODS and professors immediately if they experience difficulties or if there are disputes regarding accommodations in classes.  Students should also notify the ODS when a decision is made to not use an accommodation or the accommodation is no longer necessary.