Grievance Procedure

The Office of Disability Services follows the grievance procedures as outlined in the University Bulletin.

The University Bulletin, in part, states:  

Any Loyola undergraduate or graduate student who in their opinion believes that they have been subjected to an improper decision on an academic matter is entitled to file a grievance to obtain an independent review of the allegedly improper decision. This procedure does not include grade appeals, or matters of discrimination or harassment, which are addressed by separate procedures. A grievance is a complaint in writing made to an administrative officer of the University concerning an academic decision, made by a person or group of persons acting in an official University capacity that directly and adversely affects the student.

For purposes of this procedure, an appropriate matter of grievance is defined as any decision of an academic nature which in the opinion of the student is improper and by which the student believes they have been adversely affected.

This grievance procedure applies only in those cases involving a perceived academic impropriety arising from a decision taken by: (1) an individual instructor or researcher; (2) a school, department, or program; (3) a committee charged to administer academic policies of a particular school, department, or program; or (4) the University Director of Registration Services, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the University Senate, or any committee or subcommittee charged to administer the academic policies of Loyola University New Orleans.