Academic Recovery

Students who have not maintained good academic standing (2.0 GPA) are encouraged to meet regularly with their academic advisor and connect with Ms. Liz Rainey, Director of Retention and Student Success, to develop a plan for improvement.

Services we offer to help students improve their GPA: 

  • Academic Success Course. We teach a 0-credit course called “Academic Success” (SPST.A230). Visit here to learn more and to view the syllabus.
  • One-on-one coaching and meetings to stay on track with academic goals, organization, and attendance. Students on probation are also highly encouraged to meet regularly with their academic advisor and/or associate dean. 
  • Academic plans and financial aid appeals. If the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid determines a student is not meeting satisfactory academic progress, they may have an option to appeal. As part of the satisfactory academic progress appeal for financial aid, students are required to develop an Academic Plan. An Academic Plan is a written contract between the student and a designated staff or faculty member at Loyola. 
  • Workshops and talks. Visit here for our planned workshops and talks for the semester