News Tips

More times than not, when something doesn't get coverage, people assume it was because we were ignoring the event out of some bias or prejudice. What is more likely, however, is that we just didn't know about the event. Before we can deliver news to our readers, we need to know what is happening in our community. And while we do everything we can to explore and learn about what is happening around us, one of the best ways for us to find out about a potential story is for you, the reader, to let us know.

So, please, help us deliver you the best news product possible and let us know when something important to you is happening.

But keep in mind, we operate with a finite amount of space. The stories we choose to cover are typically those that effect the largest number of people at Loyola in the biggest ways. We give the highest premium to those events that have a strong connection to the Loyola community, rather than a city, state or national story that many people find interesting.

Also, keep in mind that producing a publication takes a tremendous amount of planning. Our editors are often planning content several weeks, and even months into the future. If we learn about an event merely days ahead of time, we may not have the time or resources to properly cover it. So, wherever possible, please let us know about an event as far in advance as possible.

To give us a news tip, please call our newsroom at (504) 865-3535 or e-mail our editor.