Advertising Rates

Advertising is the single most important source of funding for the Student Media. It is a partnership that allows our publications to create a high-quality product, and allows area businesses to access the powerful demographic that makes up Loyola's students.


In general, the Student Media will accept any advertisement that adheres to good taste, does not make misleading claims and does not promote any illegal prodct or activity. For further guidence, please consult our Advertising Policies and Code of Advertising Acceptability.


Download our Media Kit to find our most current market demographics, laying out the buying power of our community.


Maroon Wolf
Size Cost Size Cost
Full Page (10x16) $740 Full Page (8x10.5) $600
3/4 Page (10x12) $690  1/2 Page (8x5.25) $325
1/2 Page (10x8) $460  1/3 page (2.5x10.5) $250
1/4 Page (5x8) $185 Four Color  FREE
Inserts (Preprinted) $400 These are our open rates. We offer discounts for local businesses, as well as campus organizations. However, we ask that you contact our business office and schedule a consultation with one of our advertising reps to discuss those discounts in detail. You can call our business office directly at (504) 865-3536 or our adviser at (504) 865-3295.
News Bins (17x11) $400
Four Color $320

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Alternate advertising vehicles

  • News Bins
  • Online: Please contact our office directly to discuss advertising on our Web site.