About Student Media

The Loyola Student Media is the umbrella group that publishes The Maroon, The Wolf Magazine and The Maroon Online. Student-run, student-produced and student-managed, the publications within the Loyola Student Media serve both as a community news outlet for Loyola University, and as a learning laboratory for aspiring young media professionals. 

The Maroon

A weekly newspaper, The Maroon publishes issues on Friday mornings during the regular school year.

Founded Nov. 1, 1923, The Maroon has served as Loyola's newspaper as the university endured the Great Depression, two world wars, civil rights struggles and the rebuilding following Hurricane Katrina.

In our nine decades, The Maroon has garnered a long list of awards and recognition from city, state and national journalism organizations. Our graduates have moved on to such prestigious institutions as The New York Times,  CNN, The Washington Post, The Times-Picayune, The Advocate and the Associated Press. 

We do not regard ourselves as a student newspaper, but rather a community newspaper serving a university.

The Wolf

Chronicling the life and happenings of Loyola, The Wolf offers a snapshot of the trends, lifestyles and personalities who make Loyola the unique community it is. 

The Wolf is published six times per year – once each semester as a four-color glossy magazine, and twice each semester as a newsprint supplement to The Maroon.

Born from The Wolf Yearbook in 1999, Wolf Magazine continues to carry the mission of being the cultural observer of Loyola’s campus.

The Maroon Online

Making its debut in 1998, The Maroon Online serves a dual roll: one as the interactive community of Loyola's students striving to stay informed, share points of view and interact with their peers; and also as a way for alumni, parents and prospective students to keep up to date with Loyola.

The Maroon Online caries the written and photographic journalism featured in the printed pages of its sister publications, but also serves as a multimedia springboard, offering student journalists a platform to practice video journalism as well. 

Social distribution

The content from the Student Media publications is featured and distributed through social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. We are constantly searching for new and innovative ways to share our journalism with the community, and we invite you to become our social media friends.