Subject: Affirmative Action Diversity Tast Force Statemtne

In reference to the Times Picayune article, "A Tough Sell in the Market
Place of Ideas", by James Gill dated November 26, 2008.

As Loyola University's Diversity Committee, we are dedicated to
promoting an appreciation for the valuable contributions of all,
instilling in every one of our students a desire to pursue excellence
and to be women and men in solidarity with others. We also hold to the
Jesuit ideal of rigorous intellectual examination in the pursuit of
truth and therefore, defend the right of academic freedom. However, it
is our responsibility to respond critically to statements made by
members of Loyola University that run counter to our commitment to
inclusion and that marginalize women and African Americans, a majority
of our community.

Professor Walter Block's reductionist statements about the productivity
of African Americans and women in the marketplace ignore critical
factors and structural patterns of inequality. His flawed remarks are
dangerous, fueling those with prejudices to confirm their biased views.
We must recognize the reality of racism and sexism in our society, whose
impact has had long-lasting consequences in the lives of African
Americans and women.

The Diversity Committee encourages all members of the University to use
this event as a catalyst to engage in meaningful dialogue that addresses
these issues in a way that moves us closer to our Jesuit ideals.

Affirmative Action/Diversity Task
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