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Tips for placement success

Want to get a good performance evaluation and get the most out of your service learning placement?  Follow these tips.

  1. Once you've accepted a placement, complete preservice requirements quickly. If your agency offers a training or orientation session on campus, attend it.  Check the Loyola Service Learning Calendar for scheduled events.
  2. Document all your hours using a service learning timesheet. Submit timesheets to the service learning office twice per semester (midterm and last day of the semester). Check the Loyola Service Learning Calendar for deadlines.
  3. Stick to a regular schedule. Don't miss unless there's a real emergency. Show professionalism, courtesy and respect by communicating clearly and in advance with supervisors about any absences or lateness.
  4. Give service learning priority as an academic commitment. It is not "extra" work; it is part of your coursework. Service learning commitments trump social and cocurricular activities, not vice versa.
  5. Follow the rules of professional etiquette, particuarly in the appropriate use of email and cell phones.
  6. Show interest and enthusiasm about your agency's mission and work.
  7. Show initiative in engaging the agency's clients. 
  8. Get to know the staff at your agency. Network with them. 
  9. Ask lots of questions.
  10. Finish all your hours by the last day of class. Tell people you've gotten to know when your last day will be. Thank them for the experience. 

If you successfully complete service learning, you will receive a service learning transcript notation.  Put it on your resume too!  Click here for some examples of how to do this.