Service Learning Advisory Board (S-LAB)

The Service Learning Advisory Board (S-LAB) is a leadership council made up of experienced service learning students.  S-LAB members work closely with service learning staff to:

  • support service learning students
  • strengthen and cultivate relationships with nonprofit agencies where Loyola students serve
  • plan and publicize service learning events and activities

Want to apply for S-LAB?

S-LAB openings occur when existing members graduate, study abroad, or move on to new commitments.


  • You must have taken at least one service learning class at Loyola and performed well in the class and the service learning activity
  • You must be willing to serve on S-LAB for at least one full academic year.  For this reason, seniors are not eligible.

S-LAB is now accepting applications for 2012-2013!  Deadline: Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 5:00 pm.