Student FAQs

Benefits for students

  • Students who successfully complete service learning for an academic course are eligible to receive transcript notations.
  • Service learning helps students see how academic subjects apply in the real world and achieve specific learning goals.
  • Service learning connects classroom study to community needs.
  • Service learning is active learning.  It requires students to participate in and take ownership of their education rather than passively receiving information.
  • Service learning can lead to internships, jobs, or other professional opportunities.
  • Service learning connects academics to the Jesuit mission of furthering social justice and advancing the common good.
  • Research shows that service learning can help students master academic content, be more engaged during classtime and develop critical thinking skills.
  • Service learning builds a commitment to service and social responsibility.
  • Service learning can help students understand root causes of social problems.
  • Service learning helps students connect with people.  They can cultivate useful contacts, make new friends, and feel more at home in New Orleans.