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Office of Community Engaged Learning, Teaching and Scholarship

The Office of Service Learning (OSL) is now the Office of Community Engaged Learning, Teaching and Scholarship! The mission of OCELTS is to help Loyola embody the Jesuit vision of a university with and for local and global communities. We do this by:

  1. Implementing and recognizing community engaged teaching, learning, and scholarly initiatives that are distinctly well-organized, high-quality, and social justice-oriented;
  2. Advocating for policies and infrastructure that empower and inspire Loyola constituencies to prioritize and undertake meaningful community engagement activities in a spirit of partnership and reciprocity;
  3. Facilitating a culture of accountability and impact where objectives are measurable, data drives decision-making, planning and assessment loops are closed, and transparency is the norm.

Our vision is that all Loyola students, faculty and staff will have the skills and willingness to navigate the complex path to a more just world, including an advanced understanding of social justice and the opportunity and commitment to contribute to social justice in their personal and professional lives. We envision a university which, through a strong network of sustainable, focused partnerships, makes a positive impact on the world through service, awareness, advocacy and systemic change. In this vision, Loyola is distinguished as an anchor institution “with and for” its communities.