Large Metal

In an effort to increase environmental awareness and sustainability on campus, Loyola Recycling occasionally arranges to recycle large metal items, usually about every 6 months.

The metals collected can be aluminum, steel, iron, brass, lead or copper.

Items that can be collected are:

  • Copper wire – insulated or non-insulated.
  • Car batteries
  • Metal instrumentation
  • Stoves
  • Exercise equipment
  • Metal Shelving
  • Appliances – stoves, microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators – Freon removed
  • Air conditioners – Freon removed
  • Water heaters – water removed and a hole drilled into the unit
  • Metal desks
  • Metal chairs
  • Plastic chairs with metal legs

Department chairs and/or heads of offices could start identifying items that they wish to dispose of in this way.

Announcements will be sent out when pick up is arranged.

Departments will have to be responsible for getting the materials to the predetermined pick up location on campus.