Bimetal (Tin) Can Recycling

  • Specially labeled garbage cans will be located at the main entryways to all buildings.
  • They may be mixed with the aluminum cans because, at the recycling plant, the bimetal cans will be pulled out by a magnet.
  • Please empty cans completely and RINSE them to avoid pest and odor problems.

Bimetal cans are really a combination of steel that is coated with a very thin layer of tin. It can be produced by dipping sheets of steel in molten tin or by electroplating.

Tin is used as a coating because it has a much slower chemical reaction with food than steel does. The tin coating not only protects the metal from corrosion by food, but also protect the foods from metal contamination.

They usually have a seam along the side and at the tops of the cans. They are magnetic due to the iron in the steel. Aluminum cans are not magnetic.