Graduate Studies at Loyola

Loyola University has a long tradition of graduate and professional education in the service of New Orleans, the region, and the world.  Graduates of its programs gain professional competence in traditional and emerging fields.  They are prepared for success in their chosen areas and gain the confidence and agility to adapt to changing economic conditions.  Loyola places a high value on collaboration, creativity, and technological skills.

Loyola is rooted in the even longer tradition of Jesuit education.  For almost five centuries, graduates of Jesuit colleges and universities have benefited from the wisdom of the Jesuit tradition and its many innovators in science, business, the arts, and humanities.  Their graduates are guided by deep ethical commitments and hold positions of leadership and service around the world. 

Learn more about this great New Orleans tradition; join the international network of Jesuit-educated leaders by exploring Loyola’s graduate and professional programs.