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Reaching out through acts of service

The Loyola University New Orleans community has responded to the Gulf Oil Disaster by serving as a resource, providing expert advice to media outlets around the world through our esteemed faculty, and organizing volunteer efforts to help businesses in the area recoup losses. Our goal is to help residents of the affected areas regain hope for the future.

Our Experts

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Blaine Lecesne, J.D.

Can speak on: Ongoing litigation issues related to the BP oil spill

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Mitchell Crusto, J.D.

Can speak on: Disaster and environmental management, BP escrow fund.

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Frank Jordan, Ph.D.

Can speak on: Oil spill impact on fisheries, marine biology & ecosystems

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Robert A. "Bob" Thomas, Ph.D.

Can speak on: General oil spill impact on the coastal region, marine life, plants and wildlife.

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Featured Video

Mitchell Crusto is a professor in the College of Law

BP pleads guilty to felony charges

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law professor Mitchell Crusto speaks to PBS Nightly Business Report on BP’s record-setting $4.5 billion settlement over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.