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La. Board of Regents Provides ATLAS Grant to Loyola Professor

Loyola press release - July 19, 2017

American jazz pianist and Loyola professor Sandy Hinderlie will compose and record an internationally distributed CD featuring internationally renowned jazz vibraphonist Tom van der Geld and other leading musicians from around the world

Sandy Hinderlie — an American jazz pianist and professor of Popular and Commercial Music at Loyola University New Orleans — and Tom van der Geld — one of the most eminent vibraphone players in contemporary jazz — have a record of working collaboratively. Now, with help from a new artist grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents, the pair will compose, perform, and record original music for an internationally distributed contemporary jazz CD that should draw attention from jazz aficionados around the world.

Hinderlie, who has taught for 36 years at Loyola, won a $34,000 grant from the Board of Regents’ Louisiana Artists and Scholars (ATLAS) program for the project, which is supported by Loyola University New Orleans with funding from the Louisiana Board of Regents agreement number LEQSF (2017-18)-RD-ATL-06. Competition for the coveted grant was steep. The Loyola proposal was selected in a three-way tie for first place from among more than 50 submissions.

The grant will support a yearlong project during which Hinderlie will compose new material for piano and vibraphone, rehearse and perform the material, and record a CD and video that includes key performances by van der Geld, as well as other members of the international jazz scene. In spring 2016, the duo performed four new works by Hinderlie in a special concert for Loyola’s Montage Fine and Performing Arts Series. And now they will augment that work in a collaboration that will result in “fresh, new music” attractive to both U.S. and international audiences.

Already, the pair have scheduled concerts in Germany and Austria, as well as at Loyola University New Orleans, where Loyola students will be involved in the production. By June 2018, Hinderlie will release a CD on STR Digital Records and distribute it internationally by CPI Distributors, Cleveland.

“The potential contributions to the jazz idiom of these new pieces and performances are clear, and the instrumentation is both unusual and attractive,” Louisiana Regents said in their award letter. “Other notable jazz collaborations for piano and vibraphone give the combination a storied past; this project will add to and resonate with that tradition.”

Calling Hinderlie’s compositions and the musicians’ work “nicely dense and imaginatively driven … a real addition to contemporary jazz vernacular,” the Regents added:

“Professor Hinderlie’s previous work as a jazz composer and performer is exemplary, as is the career of his partner. Their professional backgrounds and impressive productivity give every reason to believe the collaboration will result in fresh new music that will be widely heard, performed, and recorded.”