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Loyola University New Orleans Establishes Dual-Degree Physics/Engineering Programs with Two National Universities

Loyola press release - October 16, 2017

Loyola University New Orleans proudly announces new 3+2 dual-degree partnerships with University of New Orleans and the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. that will expand opportunities for pre-engineering physics students at Loyola. The new agreements come as Loyola continues to expand STEM studies and research at the Jesuit, Catholic university.

“As we continue to increase STEM research and programs at Loyola University New Orleans, we are proud to partner with our colleagues at the University of New Orleans and Catholic University of America,” said Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs David B. Borofsky. “These new dual-degree programs will ground Loyola students with a strong foundation in pre-engineering physics as well as a Jesuit education, then allow them to continue their engineering studies in a top-flight engineering program and receive undergraduate degrees from both universities.”

Students participating in Loyola’s pre-engineering physics program will have the opportunity to earn two undergraduate degrees in just five years: an undergraduate degree in physics from Loyola New Orleans and an engineering degree from Catholic University or UNO, both of which have outstanding engineering degree programs. Students in these programs spend at least three years at Loyola, then complete their engineering studies at CUA or UNO in their fourth and fifth year.

Here’s how it works: Students enrolled in the 3+2 Pre-Engineering Physics program at Loyola will complete three years of courses at Loyola before transferring to a school of their choice to complete an engineering program there. When students complete and receive their Engineering degrees from Catholic or UNO, Loyola will confer their second undergraduate degree - a Bachelor of Science in Physics.

The agreements, which were just signed by the presidents of all three universities, will make the transition for Loyola physics students to engineering programs seamless. Both agreements specify requirements for acceptance into these dual-degree programs, as well as specific course plans allowing students to complete all coursework in 5 years. The UNO partnership agreement allows transfers to its Mechanical, Electrical, and Civil Engineering programs, while the dual degree program with Catholic University allows Loyola physics students to transfer to the Biomedical, Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering at CUA.

“These dual degree programs combine what’s best in our Universities – the solid foundation in physical sciences and an education of a whole person at Loyola with specialized engineering training at CUA or UNO. The students will experience what Loyola does best – learning in small classes and through active participation in student projects and research,” said Armin Kargol, chair of the physics department at Loyola and the Rev. James C. Carter, S.J., Distinguished Professor in Experimental Physics. “Then they will take what they have learned to UNO or CUA to complete their engineering education.”

All interested students should contact Dr. Armin Kargol, Chair of the Physics Department at Loyola.