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Loyola begins offering new teacher certification for students pursuing undergraduate degrees

Loyola press release - October 21, 2013

Loyola University New Orleans is now offering students the chance to earn a teaching certificate in secondary education while pursuing an undergraduate degree in English, mathematics, French, Spanish, chemistry, physics, biology, environmental science or history. The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted unanimously this week to approve Loyola’s new teacher certification sequence.

“Loyola is offering students an opportunity to receive an employable credential—one that says a graduate is prepared for the teaching profession right out of college,” said Jane Chauvin, Ph.D., director of Loyola’s new Office of Teacher Education Certification.

Loyola’s 33-hour sequence in secondary education allows students pursuing selected majors in the College of Humanities and Natural Sciences to receive a certification to teach grades six through 12. The courses are integrated with the student’s major and Common Curriculum courses and include student teaching requirements as well as specific education courses that meet the latest state and national guidelines. When students graduate, they will receive a degree in their major and a teaching certificate.

“By offering Loyola students the opportunity for a teaching certificate within the degree program, we are saving our students tuition, so they can graduate with a degree and a credential at the same time,” said Maria Calzada, Ph.D., dean of Loyola’s College of Humanities and Natural Sciences. “For parents who are getting nervous about tough job markets, it means their college students will graduate with a credential that gives them the option of pursuing a career as qualified teachers should they choose it—a value Loyola is proud to offer.”

Loyola’s new teaching certification sequence is available immediately to current students, particularly freshmen and sophomore students who can readily integrate the requirements into their current course load and degree work.

The credential represents a renewed commitment by Loyola to educate tomorrow’s teachers, according to Chauvin. The university last offered a teaching certificate for secondary education prior to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The new teaching certificate offers students the latest course options approved by the state, which are designed to prepare them as teachers in Louisiana and elsewhere. Depending on reciprocity agreements, students may not even have to complete additional requirements to teach in other states.

Students interested in pursuing the teaching certificate will benefit from additional academic advising from Loyola’s Office of Teacher Education Certification, which will guide and counsel them through the process. For more information on receiving the credential, contact Chauvin at 504-865-3081. For media interviews, please contact Loyola’s Associate Director of Public Affairs Mikel Pak at 504-861-5448.