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Universities band together to oppose proposed Interim Zoning District

Loyola announcement - May 2, 2012

District A Councilmember Susan Guidry, who represents Loyola's district, has filed a motion for an Interim Zoning District (IZD), which could seriously impede our plans to construct or renovate facilities on our uptown campuses. The motion will be heard at the City Council's meeting on Thursday, May 3 at 10 a.m.

Loyola is not the only institution of higher education that could be restricted in its future expansion; the provisions of the IZD would adversely affect Tulane and Xavier universities as well.

Loyola is vehemently opposed to the IZD and I am asking all members of the Loyola community, particularly those who live in Orleans Parish, to join us in opposing this motion. In our opinion, the IZD discriminates against universities and tries to enact into law a draft set of ordinances that have yet to be approved.

The ramifications of this proposal are serious and we need your help. If you live in New Orleans, please write a letter to your council member and emphasize how the IZD will be detrimental to our university. A proposed letter, along with a list of all council members, can be found below. If you can attend the council meeting, it would further underscore the importance of this issue.

Proposed letter to council members

I strongly oppose the proposed Interim Zoning District. This proposal sets a dangerous precedent that handcuffs higher education in New Orleans. The proposed IZD, if approved, will impose arbitrary and unnecessary restrictions upon Tulane, Loyola and Xavier universities that need your support.

Loyola has been in New Orleans since 1904, becoming a university in 1912, and has proven itself to be a responsible and responsive neighbor. As one of the largest private employers in Orleans Parish, Loyola is an economic incubator and asset that benefits your district and every other council district in New Orleans. Schools and nonprofits throughout the city have utilized Loyola facilities for decades and the IZD is an attempt to curtail these uses and future opportunities.

An IZD is an overreaction to criticisms of other current building projects, i.e. Tulane's football stadium, and sets a dangerous precedent and discriminates against universities.

Please vote for progress and against the proposed IZD.

If writing in a letter of opposition to the City Council, please be sure to include your street address so councilmembers will know you are in their district. Thank you for supporting Loyola University New Orleans.

Use the district map to find your councilmember

Council President Jacquelyn Clarkson
Councilmember Susan Guidry
Councilmember-at-Large Stacy Head
Councilmember Kristin Palmer
Councilmember Cynthia Hedge-Morrell
Councilmember Jon Johnson

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