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A Winning Argument: Loyola University and the Open Society Foundation unite to host "Debating Across Borders"

Loyola press release - August 4, 2011

An international field of eight of the world’s best college debate students will square off on Loyola University New Orleans’ campus this weekend for “Debating Across Borders,” a two-team contest funded by the Open Society Foundation. The topic of debate will be “Securing Liberty: Debating Issues of Terrorism and Democratic Values in the Post 9/11 United States,” with participants hailing from the United States, Turkey, Australia, Slovenia, Colombia, South Africa, Canada and France.

The event, which is open to the public, will take place on Sunday, August 7 at 4 p.m. in Nunemaker Auditorium, located on the third floor of Monroe Hall. The debate will be the subject of a documentary film centered on the students’ experiences and will be broadcast at a later date on WYES-TV.

“Loyola University is honored to host this extremely prestigious and unique event,” said Sonya Forte Duhé, Ph.D., director of Loyola’s School of Mass Communication. “The SMC realizes that the science of persuasive debate is a key to producing successful communicators, in both journalism and public relations. The primary goal in hosting this event is to continue to foster that culture of public debate on college campuses.”

Duhé added that with the event, they also hope to underscore the importance of encouraging debate as an extracurricular activity in New Orleans high schools.

About the Open Society Foundation

The Open Society Foundation supports initiatives in such areas as government policy, education, public health, law and human rights and economic reform. Chairman George Soros (one of the world's leading philanthropists and the force behind Soros Fund Management) founded OSI in 1993 as an umbrella group for his grant-making foundations, which were established to assist countries in central and eastern Europe make the transition from communist governments to democracies.

For more information or to cover the event, please contact Matt Lambert in Loyola’s Office of Public Affairs at 504-343-9413 or mlambert@loyno.edu.