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Department of Counseling to offer dual master's degrees

Loyola press release - February 14, 2011

Students seeking a master’s degree in counseling can now enroll in a program that offers an additional degree in either criminal justice or music therapy.

According to admissions coordinator Rachel Cupit, Ph.D., adding the option for the dual master’s degrees made perfect sense.

“This allows a person to make themselves a little more versatile when it comes to looking for jobs. They can work in either field or become more specialized, depending on the situation,” said Cupit.

She says that while a joint counseling and music therapy degree may seem to be a natural fit, combining counseling and criminal justice for a dual master’s is an easy fit also.

“A lot of counselors work in the court or the prison system, so having the criminal justice background would be extremely helpful,” Cupit added. “Having the training in both criminal justice and counseling makes them very appealing in a tough job market.”

A combined counseling/criminal justice master’s degree requires 75 credit hours, with the counseling/music therapy degree taking 76 hours. The College of Social Sciences also allows students to use common elective and required classes to fulfill both course requirements, so they aren’t forced to take the same class multiple times.

The dual degrees are now being offered, and anyone interested should contact Cupit at 504-864-7857 or rawieck@loyno.edu.