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Attendance tracker to be used at other universities

Loyola press release - December 19, 2011

An electronic classroom attendance tracking program created by two Loyola University New Orleans business professors is gaining in popularity and is now being used at three other universities.

The DL-RFID Attendance System, developed by assistant professor of finance Mehmet Dicle, Ph.D., and assistant professor of economics John Levendis, Ph.D., electronically records classroom attendance using a computer program and a small, portable computer chip. According to its creators, the system eliminates the need for lengthy roll calls and saves valuable class time. Dicle and Levendis, who submitted an academic paper on their project to the Social Science Research Network in September, also made the attendance tracker system available for free as a download on their website, http://dlacademics.com, so other schools could benefit from the system.

They were recently notified that the technology will be used by professors at the United States Air Force Academy, Alabama State University and North Carolina Central University for the 2012 spring semester.

“We’ve also heard from someone at Campbellsville University, and they are interested in trying out the system. It’s really exciting to see how the DL-RFID system is growing in popularity,” Levendis said.

Dicle says that he hopes individual professors try the system and like it enough to encourage more widespread use, but for right now, “It is the very purpose of the DL-RFID Attendance System to eliminate institution-wide installations. It allows instructors to adopt the system without going through the bureaucracies of their institutions.”

For more information about the attendance tracker, contact Matt Lambert in the Office of Public Affairs at mlambert@loyno.edu or 504-861-5448.