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Quidditch fever - Harry Potter game catches fire on Loyola campus

Loyola press release - October 18, 2011

The magical game of Quidditch, made famous by J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series, has become increasingly popular among Loyola University New Orleans students who are now preparing to compete in the Mardi Gras Carnival Cup at Louisiana State University in February.

The Loyola Quidditch team was chartered in September 2010 and now has 30 members who meet every Thursday night from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Monroe Quad to practice.

Quidditch fever has spread like wildfire across college campuses throughout the United States. Teams have been formed at Texas, Marlyand, UCLA, and even prestigious Harvard University. One hundred teams will compete in the Quidditch World Cup 5 on Nov. 12-13 in New York City.

In order to play, each team must have three chasers who are in charge of scoring by throwing a ball through one of three rings, one keeper who prevents the chasers from scoring, and one seeker who tries to catch the snitch – a player running with a tennis ball in a sock that the seeker must retrieve. The game rules state that all members, aside from the snitch, must have a broomstick between their legs at all times or else any plays made do not count.

“We have had a significant freshman turnout this year, and we hope to get even more players in the future. Everyone is welcome to come out and play, or just stop by and watch. We would love to have a huge, supportive crowd at practices and matches,” said Kayla Cox, team captain and founder of Loyola’s Quidditch team.

For more information, contact Cox at kkcox@loyno.edu.