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Loyola offers online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Loyola press release - September 13, 2010

Crime prevention is not what it used to be: state-of-the-art criminal technologies, the global war on terror, and media management are just a few of the new challenges law enforcement professionals face in the 21st century. Loyola University New Orleans’ new online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration focuses on honing the updated skills and knowledge required to succeed, and lead, in today’s demanding criminal justice administration environment.

Faced with this increasingly complex landscape, law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals are finding that the knowledge that comes with a graduate degree is more essential than ever in the workplace, and is often a requirement to advance professionally.

Two specializations offer students the opportunity to delve more deeply into vital and growing areas of the criminal justice administration field:

The Justice Administration specialization is designed to expose students to innovative ideas and state-of-the art practices in public law enforcement. Aimed at students hoping to advance in the public sector or transition to related careers in the private sector, it covers a broad spectrum of topics specific to effective law enforcement and corporate risk management in the 21st century, including leadership effectiveness, fiscal and resource management, personnel training and development, and emerging technologies.

The Forensic Science Administration specialization reflects the growth in the use of forensic science and the resulting need for skilled criminal justice professionals to manage and administer forensic labs and crime scene investigation departments and facilities. Areas of study include critical issues influencing the use of forensic science from the crime scene to the courtroom, professional standards in the field, relevant case law and legislation, and the role of ethics.

“The master’s program in Criminal Justice Administration reflects major changes in the field within the last several years, including the growth of corporate risk and investigations, interagency collaboration, and the use of forensic science,” said Vincenzo A. Sainato, Ph.D., director for the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration program. “Our goal is to graduate professionals who not only have the ability to enrich their own careers, but can work to improve the quality of justice they help to administer in either the public or private sector. To that end, we have created a curriculum that brings together a combination of the relevant coursework offered in both graduate business and public administration programs but have related it to forensics and law enforcement."

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