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Music education professional development series enters third year at Loyola

Loyola press release - June 7, 2010

Music educators from public and private schools in southeast Louisiana will travel to Loyola University New Orleans June 10-11 to participate in “Music Teaching Institute,” a professional development workshop sponsored by the music education department in Loyola’s College of Music and Fine Arts. The workshop is part of Loyola’s Professional Development for Music Teachers Series, which began in spring of 2008.

“Quality teaching in all classrooms necessitates skillful leadership at the community, school and classroom levels,” said Ed McClellan, Ph.D., music education professor and program director. “Leaders at all levels recognize quality professional development as the key strategy for supporting significant improvements in curriculum, instruction, assessment and leadership practices and they recognize the critical link between improved student learning and the professional learning of teachers.”

The two-day intensive study includes music conducting opportunities and sessions with experts in the field. The teaching sessions are structured to help participants learn new teaching strategies as well as analyze, improve and understand their own teaching style.

Music Teaching Institute faculty includes Dr. Joseph Hebert and McClellan from Loyola, Dr. Glenn Hemberger and Mr. Paul Frechou from Southeastern Louisiana University, and Louisiana music educators Ms. Sheily Bell, Mr. Lee Hicks and Mr. Hermann Jones.

Participants include music educators from Baton Rouge, Hammond, Lafayette, Mandeville, New Orleans, Ponchatoula, and comprise music teachers in private, charter, public and Archdiocesan schools in southeast Louisiana.

“Professional learning is viewed as an investment that will pay future dividends in improved staff performance and student learning,” said McClellan. “Loyola’s Music Education Department considers professional development of area school music educators as an investment in the New Orleans and Louisiana state communities.”

For more information, contact Sean Snyder in Loyola’s Office of Public Affairs at smsnyder@loyno.edu or call 504-861-5882.